Sapientia with Trance Blackman

Crystal Kean - Learn as You Grow; Homeschooling, Family, Road Trips

March 26, 2023 Season 1 Episode 3
Sapientia with Trance Blackman
Crystal Kean - Learn as You Grow; Homeschooling, Family, Road Trips
Sapientia with Trance Blackman
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Show Notes

In today's episode, I am joined by my friend Crystal Kean. 

Crystal lives on Vancouver Island, in the Oceanside area. She's a homeschooler and an established educator, owning and operating a small business that facilitates both in-classroom and outdoor education programs for children. We touched on a lot of topics, from raising her children, why she decided early on to keep them out of the public school system, the issues plaguing the institution of education, what she sees and deals with regularly in her classes, and the psychological struggles therein that adversely affect teachers, children and parents.

She offers insights and suggestions, solutions, and guidance for parents who are considering homeschooling, or finding support on the journey outside the system that seems to be failing our children.

Thanks for stopping by. Let's get to it...

Topics covered:

Growing up in small-town, rural Alberta
Venturing away from home
Family road trips across Canada, US, Mexico
What's happening to California?
How she got into education (10:35)
Raising babies in a cute little town
Struggle with sending kinds to public school
Finding alternative education options for her children (15:14)
Dealing with backlash from friends, family, strangers
Respecting autonomy (24:44)
When your child comes into their own
Her older kids regroup and travel together (30:54)
The system fragments families (32:49)
Mental health of teens
Talk to your kids
Not a fan of public schooling system - damaged kids
Who advocates for the parents? (40:10)
Post-Covid psychological and emotional fallout
The system is the problem (46:22)
Working with kids coming out of the system
Unschooling / deschooling
Sleep deprived kids
Don't force a four-year-old to read
Neuro-irregularities on the increase (56:59)
Negative effects of screens and technology
Kids living in alternate realities (1:00:57)
Struggling with autonomy, boredom
Her school Under The Arch (1:04:59)
Relocating to Vancouver Island, single parenting
Starting up a small school
Providing support for parents (1:08:40)
Homeschool enrichment as well as outdoor education component
Waldorf-based and natural science
Using both sides of your brain and body
Social conditioning
Parental power is important
You have to stand up; facing backlash from the system (1:18:53)
Time is precious
Make sacrifices for your children
Parents aren't welcome in schools
Teachers are people; they have life challenges as well (1:23:55)
Anxiety is at an all-time high
Social media influencers; no life is perfect
Stepping into the role of educator for your children (1:27:48)
Finding support locally - Facebook groups
The homestead movement; simplify and get grounded

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